Moved right along

But when I think about it

How you ghosted

I check your ‘gram

Wish you well (go to hell)

Wish you the best

And I’m glad I didn’t rest

Something bigger was out there

For the both of us

Are you haunted


Just last year this day Matt and I were at a live concert in NYC. This year we’re in the back yard. I don’t know if anybody else has noticed how quickly things change. I don’t know if anybody else is still in shock. Or denial? Whatever you call it…

Is this like a contemporary version of the 60’s we’ll look back on as a mixed bag. With the old folks all wrong until we’re all old folks and just as conservative?

The pendulum swings.


I think my long fuse is attached to a proportionately as large bomb, and this may be working to my disadvantage. Perhaps a shorter fuse would diminish the severity of the explosion.

…moral of the story: patience isn’t always a virtue.


The world is suffering and sick. The world is dying fast.

In a time WE ALL NEED TO COME TOGETHER, “if you don’t agree with _, UNFRIEND me.” is commonplace on here.

It is unacceptable. It is not the way to handle difference if viewpoint. What happened to empathy and meeting in the middle?

Must we remain locked in stalemate. We’re experiencing the destruction of that…


Sometimes you are making a choice to lead a lifestyle. You don’t have to buy into every item sold as a bill of goods to be yourself. You only have to do so to “fit in” to something that, when distractions run out, you realize you don’t want to be part of or party to. Until more people realize that and wake up, the world we live in will stay fundamentally the same.