I couldn’t sleep last night… There were lions and bears tearing you from my side.

Awake in the late hours. Holding you. Remembering the first time we did that. Present fears eating me. Clinging to that first moment we woke up with one another…

So much light in the room, in so many senses. The gratitude of that morning… something I committed to remembering then in that moment.

Because I refocused on that moment until I woke up this morning… to sunshine in that very same room.

Extra dog in bed… all of us akimbo. Fucking smell of Frito lay chips and all.


And we rise up. We rise unafraid.


– been fired

– declared bankruptcy


– continued to live in “American” poverty…

Do not be afraid! We are all in this together, and if we keep connected and keep community we will prevail.

Right now we just want to focus on immediate safety. The finer points of everything will shake out in the coming months.

What we need to do— is stay unified. VOTE! (Later this year) and check in with one another.

If you need something. An ear… (limited because I’m poor too) dollars. Connection to resources. Etc.







When being managed turns into being the manager…

When being managed turns into being the manager…


My how the tables have turned. But I am humble and act with integrity. And in doing so…


“There are stories I can’t tell you. You were misled and you don’t even know it.”


Yes I do. I told the story about how you’re homophobic but I knew and know the tea.


…and I don’t repeat past mistakes.


Perfectionism is another of my HSP plights.


Thank you though, for the acknowledgment.

Farewell to old friends. You’ll be the same when I see you again.

…every once in awhile I think about those “friends” who have dropped off over the years. This used to happen much to my dismay but these days it’s those few who’ve hung on (no matter what). Those who’ve joined recently, and kept through the tough…

Those are who I focus on.

Sometimes you can know somebody since birth (essentially) and they aren’t constructive anymore. They don’t add. They dim your shine. Age old habits of crossing boundaries sometimes can’t or won’t die.

“Don’t cut people off. Grow— they’ll fall off”

On a related but side note: some of those furthest from me (in distance) are still closest. Because they understand the difference between friendship and acting like my babysitter. 😉